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Main Benefits of Hiring a Moving and Storage Contractor like Movers N More

Moving is a daunting and stressful task. There are cases when things go as well as you have planned, but there are also situations when your moving project turns into a major headache. One of these situations is when you have to move from your current home but your new one is not ready yet. You will be amazed to find out how often this happens. The reasons are many: misunderstandings between owners, delays with the payment, people did not move out from your new home, etc. What should you do? The only right solution is to contact a local moving company.

A contractor such as Movers N More can easily accommodate all your belongings, in our specially designed storage facilities for as long as you need. Besides the fact that we can offer storage for your items, we can also transport any home or office item you need relocated. Here are some benefits you get when hiring our movers in La Vergne TN:

1. Professionalism – Moving & storage service providers are doing this for their living, so rest assured they know their business. After so many years of service, they have developed a reliable and complex system that assures you of a smooth and stress-free transition.
2. Free quotes – There are many moving and storage companies which offer free estimates for your moving project. Knowing the exact cost for your move helps you manage your budget. However, not all companies provide accurate estimates. Many will try to lure customers with cheap prices, but their services are poor and unreliable. A true mover never gives a quote over the phone. If you hire us, we will send a technician to inspect your places and the items you are about to move and will also take notes about your destination, preferred routes, etc. By doing so, we can offer you a proper estimate which is bonded and won’t change during the moving process.
3. Special packages – Even if you decide to pack the items yourself, hiring a moving company still proves to be very helpful. What if your boxes aren’t enough? What if the packages you have are not proper for fragile items. A true moving & storage company is always prepared for these situations and they will make sure you have everything you need in order to properly pack your things.
4. No injuries – Movers are well-trained and experienced in moving big and heavy items without getting hurt. They can safely carry, load and unload beds, fridges, TVs, pianos, big pieces of furniture, etc. If you try to move these things yourself, you may end up damaging your items or even worse, injuring yourself.
5. Smoothness – Your moving process will go as smooth as possible if you choose to hire a moving & storage service provider as us. The movers will do all the work while you can attend to those really important things such as saying goodbye to your neighbors, preparing food for the road, etc.
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