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How to Motivate Your Kids to Cooperate with You When Moving to a New Home

a man moving into new homeChildren, especially when they are already at school, do not like changing their environment that much. Although adults believe that the little ones are more adaptable, kids love stability too. If they already like their friends, classmates, teachers, and neighbors, it will be a very tough task for you to convince them that relocating to a new town or even neighborhood is a good thing.

This is why you should not be surprised if your kids refuse to help you pack before your local movers arrive, and they won’t do any move-out cleaning tasks either. As an experienced mover for so many years, Movers N More knows some tricks that may help you easily convince them that change means progress and they should do it in order to develop into strong individuals, (or at least motivate them to pack quickly).

  • Organize a garage sale and offer them to split the profits with them if they help every step of the way. While searching for old toys, sports equipment, clothes, and games, your kids will organize and pack most of their stuff, leaving all of the unnecessary clutter for sale. Children enjoy the idea of being paid for the work they have done, so you will make them feel happy about their contribution to the sale.
  • Set up a farewell party date after the sale, and invite all the other kids from the neighborhood or your child’s class. Such a party will not only be fun but will also provide the children with an opportunity to give their friends their contact details.
  • Take them to the new house on a day trip before the day when your local movers arrive to pick up your stuff. Do something fun, and leave your kids with the idea that the new place actually offers more opportunities for entertainment than the old one.

For more tips on house moving with kids, you can always consult our mover in Murfreesboro TN. We will be glad to provide you with an expert consultation and help you resolve your relocation issues with the younger members of your family!