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How to Safely Lift and Load Heavy Furniture During a Home Move

Lifting and carrying may sound simple, but maneuvering stairs is one of the most challenging tasks of moving. Understanding some simple physics and creating a plan will definitely make things easy. Here are a few tips which our moving and storage specialists recommend you to follow in order to quickly progress with your moving.

  • Going upstairs. Most of the weight of the sofa is on the person at the bottom. This is why the bottom person should give a steady push up the stairs.
  • a young man's hand holding a cardboard boxGoing downstairs. The person on the bottom is the one feeling the full weight of a sofa or a bed that you are relocating plus whatever force is exerted by the person at the top.

Safety tips:

  • If your moving company does not offer loading services and you need to take care of this yourself, you’d better watch your head and cover low overhangs with padding.
  • At least 2 people will be needed to handle a furniture relocation. Make sure that all of the people involved communicate constantly. They need to warn each other about potential dangers and check whether breaks need to be taken.
  • You’d better keep the taller person at the bottom when stairs are involved. A taller person can easily lift the furniture higher to clear the steps.
  • When going upstairs backwards, stay near the railing and away from the wall. To prevent them from being accidentally scratched, wrap the railings in pads, towels, or blankets. Secure them with packing tape.
  • If the movers are at the same height, the weight will divide evenly between them.

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